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Chiropractic is one of the few modalities in veterinary medicine where results are often seen within

minutes of treatment.

About Dr. Jung

I'm a veterinarian certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association with over 20 years of experience.

About Chiropractic

Conditions with neurologic or biomechanical origins respond well to chiropractic treatments. These conditions include ....

Hours and Prices

I'm flexible to accommodate your

schedule in Northern Virginia.

On Thursdays I am located in Severna Park, MD.

I recommend Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

BARF is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, fruits, vegetables and bone. 


Why I like and promote BARF food for dogs:

  • There is no middle man-- if there should be a problem with the food, the friendly staff at BARF world will reach out to you directly. (FYI, I do not know of a food recall of BARF food.)

  • The staff is super friendly, helpful and professional. Have a nutrition question concerning your dog's diet needs? Just call BARF world and you can speak to a staff member or veterinarian directly.

  • I like their AutoShipment because YOU tailor it to your schedule. Yes, they recommend an auto-shipment schedule based on your dogs breed and size, but ultimately YOU are in control through your dashboard. 

  • I like the ingredients.

  • I like the wealth of information displayed on their website.

Recipient of the Gentle Doctor Award

Here's what my clients have said...


My husband and I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done with Smurfette. 


Smurfette finally acts like a puppy and seems happy again.  I was so torn and on the verge of tears at the start of this journey, with other vets just wanting to do surgery on her. 


Deep down I felt like there had to be another way to go about this. 


I am so happy that I found you and Healing Paws.  We drive almost an hour to come see you all...

Kristina Dillon

I have heard no more 'complaints' from Granite, but saw a visible difference in his demeanor almost as soon as we returned home.  He is a happier dog, as if the clock had turned back a couple of years.  This is definitely not my imagination.  Thank you for this improvement. 

Dawn White with Granite


Gunter is almost 10 years old and with monthly treatments by Dr Jung he acts and runs like he is a puppy again!  


She keeps him in tip top shape to keep up his active lifestyle!  

Thanks Dr Jung!

Karen Ernest with Gunter

Two weeks ago, my nearly 18 year old, arthritic cat could barely walk up and down the stairs. Today Saba tore the curtains down playing on our 7 foot cat tree. Three days ago she leapt four feet from my vanity to the top of my wardrobe! The drugs help, but I think the main reason she is feeling so much better is due to the expertise of my animal chiropractor, Dr. Heike Jung.


Dr. Heike has been working her magic on Shelby, my dog, for years and also works on my horses.


I really can’t recommend her highly enough!

Chirsti Barns with Saba

Elvis, our year and a half old, Portuguese Water Dog started limping.  Sometimes he limped on the left leg, but usually it was the right leg. It came and went every few days, only lasting a few hours. After two visits with Dr Jung, he has not limped at all. 


He definitely seems more relaxed and comfortable after his visits.  


I think chiropractic work, not only, has helped with his current issue but will prevent other problems in the future.  Thanks you so much Dr Jung! 

Regina Mulligan with Elvis


My dogs are in excellent health due to her chiropractic and naturopathic advice and care.

Any animal that has her as their attending veterinarian is VERY lucky!

Simply cannot recommend her enough!

Debbie Harrison and Gang

Dr. Jung is more than an awesome chiropractor, she's a saddle fitter and a wonderful resource for help with horse/rider issues.


If it was not for her, I wouldn't still have my guy.  


She not only helped to make him healthy again, she worked with me to find equipment that fit him and to find ways to make us a better team.  She is always there with an encouraging word and a positive attitude.  


She is gentle and patient with the horses, and equally gentle and patient with the owners.

Pat Whitworth and Gunner

Only a pet parent can relate to the anxiety and helplessness felt when your beloved fur-baby is wincing in pain and you don’t know where it hurts or how to help. 


After a routine, vigorous game of tug-of-war with Gunnar’s favorite soft, plush bone (see attached) , he seemed fine—until he got up to go for a walk.  All he did was yelp. There was no rhyme or reason to his pain.  He would walk a few feet and cry out.    


After a long and sleepless  teary night trying everything I could think of (or Google) to make him more comfortable, I broke down and called the Veterinary ER, only to be told there was a 5-6 hour wait and that his symptoms didn’t seem to be “urgent.”  When your baby hurts, its urgent!   And due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we’d be sitting in the car for those 5-6 hours, until they could see him, which would have likely exacerbated his pain.


The next day you got him in and worked your magic!  In a matter of minutes, he was walking pain free.  He felt so much better, in fact, that as soon as we got home, he wanted to go chase rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and deer.  Of course after what we had been through the night before, THAT wasn’t going to happen!   


I’m so thankful that we didn’t go to the ER as I’m sure he would have been prescribed pain killers to mask his pain and to follow up with his vet the next day.   You fixed him and he is now quiet, pain free and resting comfortably.  We will see you next week for a follow up!


Caroline and Gunnar


This book is a collection of my own horse stories

and the lessons I learned...

For those of us who love horses, they have a somewhat magical quality about them, an unknown mystery. For those of us who have owned horses, they have been teachers, healers and partners.


This book is a collection of my own horse stories and the lessons I learned.


Stories that have helped me understand myself better. Stories that have made me see people in a different light. Stories that have made me think outside the box and re-create my own box.


These are stories and lessons about healing, growing, and changing. This book is a collection of horse inspired lessons about wealth, health and, most importantly, relationships.

"There were so many words in this great little book that are huge and spiritual. I am reading it again!

Fabulous and worth every minute of reading. God bless this writer and I am looking forward to the next edition."  Susan Ford

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