How will Chiropractic Care help my animal?

Chiropractic philosophy is based on the relationship between the nervous system and the spinal column.

This does not mean that chiropractic care only deals with back problems. As a matter of fact, chiropractic care affects all organ systems because the spinal cord carries all the nerves that go to every organ in the body. These nerves exit the spinal column through small joint spaces between adjacent vertebrae. Small misalignments between the vertebral bones cause changes in the joint spaces and impinge on the nerves exiting from the spinal column to the muscles and all the organs. This interference in the nerve supply can have various negative effects on the body and its performance.  By adjusting these vertebral subluxations (misalignments) the proper function of the nervous system and the entire body is restored.

Conditions with a neurologic or mechanical origin respond well to chiropractic care.


These conditions include: 

  • degenerative joint diseases such as hip dysplasia and spondylosis;

  • cervical instability;

  • acute neck pain;

  • intervertebral disk disease;

  • autonomic nervous system problems such as urinary and fecal incontinence;

  • musculoskeletal weakness or pain that resists conventional diagnosis and treatment; and

  • chronic back and neck pain.

What causes misalignments (vertebral subluxations)?


Life! Life can be tough on the body. Jumping, twisting, falling, pulling, tugging, racing, birthing, confinement, and more can lead to misalignments of the vertebrae and sent the integrated nervous system into a tail-spin.

Can chiropractic care help your four legged friend?

Often chiropractic care can decrease pain and add quality to your pet's well being and increase his/her performance. I have been able to help horses that are "off", dogs with hip dysplasia, horses unable to bend around barrels, dogs with neck pain, horses with biting issues, dogs with partial paralysis, llamas with head tilts, etc. All animals can benefit from adjustments but those involved in competitive sports seem to need it more often.

Chiropractic care takes time since it allows the body to help in the healing process.

Wellness takes Time and Patience.

AVCA Certification

"Earning certification from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association’s professional certification program represents a significant professional achievement. The professional certification program of the AVCA promotes the highest standards of animal chiropractic care for the protection and benefits of the patient as well as the public.


Certification is awarded to the licensed doctors of chiropractic and/or veterinary medicine who have successfully passed an AVCA approved post-graduate program in animal chiropractic and have met the AVCA certification requirements which include passing both a comprehensive written and clinical competency (practical) examination.


Certification is distinct from licensure in that it is voluntary and requires recertification to maintain the credential."

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