About Dr. Jung

Dr. Heike Jung combines her 25 years of veterinary training with her skills in behavior and problem solving to design a program of healing through understanding, building trust, improving communication, and turning your frustrations into fascinations.

From Dr. Jung:


I graduated Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine in May of 1994. My first job was with a mixed animal practitioner in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. It was a great job but I was in search of the perfect job.

My next career choice brought me to a small animal practice in southeastern Michigan. This fast paced, family owned practice was a wonderful learning experience. It taught me not to rely on fancy machines but to listen to the clients, the animals and my instincts. I learned about practice management and client communication; about late night c-sections and early morning euthanasias; about open heart surgery and limb amputations; about chronic skin problems and emergency medicine. If it was unusual and complicated, we probably saw it. 

But something was missing....I was seeking balance with nature. I was seeking healing from within. I wanted to cure the disease, not suppress its symptoms. I wanted to look at the whole animal, not just the symptoms associated with different body parts.

I became certified in animal chiropractic by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. I studied Homeopathy under Dr. Glen Dupree and the British Institute of Homeopathy. I became passionate about horses again.

As my professional work with horses expanded so did my personal growth with my own equine companions. In seeking more knowledge, better communication and a relationship with my horses, I started my journey in Natural Horsemanship as well as Equine Behavior and Problem solving in 2005. It has been a very successful journey to the point of becoming a Professional Instructor and an International Lecturer on Equine Behavior.

The Northern Virginia area has brought new opportunities. I now work closely with other holistic vets who want to re-establish balance and harmony to your pet's life. 

With my knowledge of allopathic veterinary medicine, an education in holistic medicine, including animal chiropractic, homeopathy and reiki, as well as an understanding of Horse Psychology, I will help you find optimal health for your four legged partner.


For those of us who love horses, they have a somewhat magical quality about them, an unknown mystery. For those of us who have owned horses, they have been teachers, healers and partners.


This book is a collection of my own horse stories and the lessons I learned. Stories that have helped me understand myself better. Stories that have made me see people in a different light. Stories that have made me think outside the box and re-create my own box.


These are stories and lessons about healing, growing, and changing. This book is a collection of horse inspired lessons about wealth, health and, most importantly, relationships.


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