Hours and Pricing

I know your schedule is hectic. Taking off from work to bring your dog or cat to the chiropractor can be challenging.

Therefore, I see most of my patients on

Saturdays and Sundays.

Please call or email me to set up an appointment.

phone: 703-223-6535

On TUESDAYS, I am at Healing Paws Veterinary Wellness Center in Severna Park, Maryland.

You can call them at 410.777.5887 to schedule an appointment with me there.

New to chiropractic care? Healing takes time!
I ask my first-time clients to commit to three (3) adjustments for their dog before deciding if chiropractic is working. 
In general, cats and horses seem to respond quicker and hold their
adjustments longer.
Checks or Cash only
At this time I do NOT accept Credit or Debit Cards

Dog Chiropractic Session

Your dog's session starts with a gait evaluation. I like to see your dog walk so I can get a feel for how he/she carries him/herself. Then we discuss your dog's history. While we speak, your dog is able to get used to his/her surroundings.

After that, I let my hands do the feeling and adjusting. I often will use an 'activator'; a tool that allows me to quickly adjust the subluxations. 

Your dog my sleep for the rest of the day and drink more water than usual. That is normal. 

$65/adjustment Discount: $180 for 3 prepaid adjustments (NO discount for insurance payment)

Cat Chiropractic Session

Your cat's chiropractic session is a quiet and gentle session. Cats can be quite uncertain and skittish, so I take my time to speak with you first while allowing your cat to get to know me.

The session is quick and you may not notice any changes until your cat has had a few hours at home to get used to the new feel. 


Horse Chiropractic Session

Your horse's chiropractic session starts with a gait analysis. While we talk, I let my fingers feel for problem areas. The session itself includes an adjustment, a laser session, and a saddle fit (if needed).


Your session ends with a conversation about the next steps in your horse's wellness journey. 

$135/adjustment, laser light session, saddle fit, and exercise plan

Barn Calls

Barn calls cost $30 or more depending on the distance. You can save yourself money by splitting the barn call with other people in the area who want to have their horses adjusted on the same day.


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