Dog Walker at the Park

New Patient Info

Please click on the image to the right.

It will take you to an online form I would like you to fill out before your pet's first visit.

What to expect...

I'm looking forward to meeting you and your four legged friend!

My set-up is a little different to make your pet's experience non-stressful. Don't expect a regular vet clinic with a waiting room, reception area and exam rooms. Instead picture a quiet spot with lots of grass for your dog to explore. 


It helps me when I can see our dog walk while we talk. I watch their gait, the stride lengths between legs, the way their pelvis moves (or doesn't), the way their back swings (or doesn't). 


After we chat and I watch your dog walk, we'll go inside. It's just a room with a couch and yummy dog treats.

Let's give your dog (or cat) a chance to walk around and explore...and eat some treats.

Then it's time for an adjustment. I will guide you in how to best hold your pet. Most of the time it's just you talking to them while scratching the ears and making sure the nose is in line with the tail....

While you do that, I motion palpate, and do some quick manual (or activator assisted) adjustments where I feel the subluxations in your pet's spine.


It's really simple and quick. 

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