More about Nutrition for Pets

"Most people, and that includes vets who are interested in their own health, will acknowledge raw whole foods as basic in the formulation of their own healthy diet. Why then do we insist on feeding our pets processed pet foods? Sadly we have been hoodwinked into accepting the hype regarding commercial processed food. We are prepared to believe the highly improbable theory that two species of animal, the dog and the cat, will do better on a diet for which their bodies are totally unsuited rather than their evolutionary diet!


"Unfortunately, many of the people who realize that commercially produced dog food does not produce worthwhile results devise and cook up something which is in essence not very different from the processed food they were worried about. As a consequence, the results in terms of the health of their dog is not a whole lot better"


Processed pet foods do not produce the lifetime of health promised by the pet food companies. They do not produce the lifetime of health seen when a properly formulated raw whole food diet is employed. Most degenerative disease processes in pet animals are the direct result of a lifetime being fed cooked and/or processed foods. This includes those so called "super premium" foods that have their own set of unique nutritional problems."

A great video of Dr. Karen Becker speaking about the evolution of pet foods and why RAW diets are preferred.

What about human nutrition?

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food."

The best way to reduce your risk of disease is to eat healthy. The right fuel in your body makes it run better. Fruits and vegetables are two key food groups known to contribute to better health. 

We all know there is a gap between what we should eat and what we actually do eat. Juice Plus+ provides nutrition from fruits and vegetables, as well as grains, plants and algal oils, to help you bridge the gap to a healthy lifestyle.

I've been eating Juice Plus+ since 2011 and I can't imagine going a day without it. I even give it to my dog.

If you are curious about Juice Plus+, I invite you to check out this website.

Concentrated Whole Food Nutrition backed by over 30 clinical trials in Universities and Hospitals around the world.

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