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There was never a doubt about Dr. Heike Jung's abilities, especially regarding her chiropractic skills.  About six years back our dog Quila was in her usual spot on the front porch watching anything that moved.  When she stood up her entire right side looked off, as if she had a stroke. I rushed her to the vet's office where she was tested, had x-rays, palpated, etc.

The vet could not find anything wrong with Quila.  I was so worried and I felt helpless.  We went home and she moped around the rest of the day and night.  The next morning Quila had a scheduled adjustment with Dr. Jung.

It turned out that Quila was out of alignment on her entire right side...neck, mid-section and lower spine!  Dr. Jung had never seen Quila in such bad shape.  

After her session with Dr. Jung, Quila started running and jumping around like a puppy.  It was absolutely remarkable.  Quila loves her visits with Dr. Jung so much that she would push her way through the other dogs to be first.

Other occasions, Dr. Jung was responsible for postponing hip-dysplasia surgery for Lakota, our Golden Retriever.

Our twenty year old cat jumped off the counter, hurt herself and with one adjustment by Heike she was fine.  The testimonies go on and on.

Dr. Heike Jung has been so helpful to our dogs and cats through the years.  She is bright, compassionate and a great veterinarian.

Georgeanne Galanete with Quila

When I first brought my 9 year old mixed breed dog Roxy to Dr Jung she was in a lot of pain and suffering from various digestive issues. Too much medication to control arthritis pain and allergy symptoms for years had taken their toll. I was looking for a better way to keep Roxy mobile and comfortable. Dr Jung's adjustments made a huge difference. Within hours of her first adjustment Roxy was running and playing again. I couldn't believe it!  With periodic adjustments from Dr. Jung, Roxy no longer needs daily pain medication. 


Dr Jung took the time to understand all of Roxy's health issues. As a result of her recommendations for changes to Roxy's diet and supplements, her allergies are under control and her digestive system is calm. Roxy is healthier than she's been in years. Dr Jung is rare find.  She's a highly skilled veterinarian who genuinely cares about the animals she treats and it shows in her results. I highly recommend Dr Jung!   

Elizabeth Sherrill with Roxy

My Bengal cat, Bard, has a habit called PICA...a habit of chewing inappropriate items. He has suffered much with this PICA. After trying several homeopathic treatments, acupuncture and other medical tests, we found our way to Dr. Jung for chiropractic treatment.

When Dr. Jung walked into the exam room, I immediately felt her calming energy and kindness.  She was great with Bard and worked within his constraints the first appointment.  He curls up into a ball when going to the vets, and she was patient and kind in his adjustments. She explained to me what behavior to look for in the following week, after the treatment.


A few adjustments that first appointment, and he was a changed cat from that moment on. 

I immediately noticed his standing up in his carrier on the car ride home. He was calmer and not as skittish when he got home. 

Dr. Jung is so good with him... just today he had a adjustment, he went from being curled up on the stainless steel treatment table to looking in her eyes and relaxing his body..


She is AMAZING with him! 

Sherry Krum with Bard

Peanut is doing very well, back to his normal self.  It is funny that I was doing tricks with him before you came and he wasn't doing the twist (go in a small circle).  I thought he didn't remember it.  After your adjustment, though,  he was doing it just fine.  I think his neck was really bothering him. 


Athena just seems calmer and relaxed.  She is not exhibiting any of the restlessness that I saw on Friday. 

Jill H. with Peanut and Athena

Heike Jung's care has been a life saver for my Pappillion "Sadie".  Sadie thinks she is part cat yet lacks some of their balancing abilities and has hurt herself from falling off furniture, until we figured out the cause. 

After a fall, Sadie sought out a place to hide and then refused to eat or drink and didn't want to be handled.  I was given information about Dr. Jung from my own Chiropractor. I had never heard of animals being adjusted but I thought how wonderful so I called. 

Dr. Jung saw Sadie right away and with her gentle touch and healing hands I watched her adjust Sadie.  Dr. Jung told me little tidbits of information about how Sadie would react after being adjusted.  Everything Dr. Jung had told me would happen with Sadie, did. 

We follow up with Dr. Jung for "wellness adjustments" from time to time to keep Sadie in the best health we can.  I believe Dr. Jung is an Angel among us and she saved Sadie's life.  Dr. Jung works with calmness in her voice and the actions from her healing hands are gentle yet very effective.  Your animals will sense her goodness just as we do.

Thanks Dr. Jung you are "THE BEST".   

Patricia Merriman and Sadie

After three different evaluations including a veterinary neurologist, we couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Gunnar. 


There was discussion of MRIs, Ultrasounds and other expensive diagnostic tests, but after an initial visit with you and your chiropractic adjustment, Gunnar is feeling so much better! 


No evidence of his limping or knuckling!  We are so grateful!

Thank you!!!!!

Caroline Cutts and Gunnar

“Before we brought Roxanne to Dr. Jung, my mom was very skeptical.  She had never heard of chiropractic for animals. Due to Roxanne being in so much pain, could barely walk, yelped in pain if you tried to touch her, no longer wanted to play, was barely eating or drinking, my mom agreed to give it a shot. 


After the first appointment, we weren’t sure if it was working or not because she seemed to be in more pain, but we were told that was normal.  We continued to bring her every week and each week she was getting more mobility and was becoming more like herself.  After about two months, Roxanne was running, playing, eating, drinking, and back to her spunky self. 


My mom and I are beyond grateful for Dr. Jung.  She truly has a gift and is beyond AMAZING! Needless to say, my mom is now a believer in Chiropractic for animals! “

Stephenie Gettier with Roxanne

When our twelve-year-old rat terrier, Molly, developed a pronounced limp and reluctance to stand on her right front leg, we looked for the likely cause of either a foreign object stuck in her paw or a broken bone. 


Our typically spirited dog couldn’t manage to climb a few stairs or to walk without obvious pain.  


Dr. Jung’s chiropractic knowledge and skills were exactly what were needed to return Molly to the energetic, playful dog of her youth.


We feel deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for this extraordinary trans-formation in the quality of our dog’s life, made possible by Dr. Jung’s superlative expertise.  

MaryJane and Tim Stephenson with Molly

Upon arriving early one morning I was frantic to learn that my horse, Zhante had gotten cast in his pen and while trying to get up somehow got the whole pen panel up onto his withers - and repeatedly banged himself against it -  as he tried to stand. 

Needless to say I was very worried about him and I immediately called Heike!  She came to our pen right away and looked Zhante over from head to toe!  having her there was absolutely calming for me.  I was so incredibly worried that Zhante had hurt himself in ways that I didn't know -  I knew that Heike WOULD know!  And she did! 

In her quiet calm, she totally gave both of us confidence 'in the moment' and helped us through a difficult time.  Her gentleness and total observance and concern for Zhante's thresholds helped us evaluate the extent of his injuries.  She was our 'rock' when we needed stability and I will never be able to thank her enough for that!! 


I was impressed!!!  Zhante's well being is first and foremost to me and I was VERY awed with Heike's professionalism and her knowledge and most of all her gentleness and TOTAL concern for the horse! She put his emotions and physical needs first and I really appreciated that!  Zhante did, too! 

If you're ever lucky enough to meet her and to have her touch your horse -- you'll know what I mean!  She's amazing!  

Cheryl Brusen and Zhante

Two weeks ago, my nearly 18 year old, arthritic cat could barely walk up and down the stairs. Today Saba tore the curtains down playing on our 7 foot cat tree. Three days ago she leapt four feet from my vanity to the top of my wardrobe! The drugs help, but I think the main reason she is feeling so much better is due to the expertise of my animal chiropractor, Dr. Heike Jung.


Dr. Heike has been working her magic on Shelby, my dog, for years and also works on my horses.


I really can’t recommend her highly enough!

Chirsti Barns with Saba

Our 9 year old dog, Eddie, injured himself earlier this year while chasing a squirrel.  After undergoing testing and exams, it was determined that he had injured his neck.  He had "episodes" where he seemed absolutely miserable and was in terrible pain. They lasted more than an hour and became increasingly frequent. Our regular vet  treated his symptoms with muscle relaxers and pain medications, which helped, but also had undesirable side effects.  It was suggested that if Ed continued to have issues, surgery would likely be the next step.


A friend suggested we look into chiropractic treatment, and that is when we found Dr. Jung.  From the very first treatment, Eddie had immediate relief of his symptoms.  His "episodes" became much less frequent, and we have been able to go longer between visits as well.  My husband said that Eddie had a look on his face that said "Hey, wow, my neck feels better!" when he was first "adjusted."


Eddie has fear aggression, and is extremely protective of me (his Mom), and we were concerned about whether Dr. Jung would be able to treat his neck with that added complication.  Much to our delight, Dr. Jung knew just how to handle this, and she has never had an issue with Eddie's temperament.  He doesn't need to be muzzled or anything, and I am convinced that Eddie knows Dr. Jung is helping him.  Clearly her expertise and experience with animals has given her the ability to handle even the most challenging cases.


My husband and I are so grateful to have found Dr. Jung, and she's been a miracle worker for our family.  We are happy that she was able to treat the problem as opposed to treating the symptoms, and Eddie is a MUCH happier, more playful dog.

Stephanie and Lou Dunaway with Eddie

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